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It started long ago...

In high school I started King Cuttlefish Animations so I could practice animation. I animate using stop-motion and 2D digital animation. I'm always learning more about the medium. I am inspired by many YouTube animators as well as cartoons from the 90s to now. I want to be a good animator like the people who inspired me.

The current logo of King Cuttlefish Animations.

Motion Graphics Reel 2020

Samples of motion graphics work from my co-op at Sugar Creek.

Storytime | Meeting My Idols: VidCon 2017
Date: June, 2019
Medium: 2D digital animation
A video about my 2017 trip to California. This animation was made with Krita, Hitfilm Express, and Adobe Animate.
Date: March, 2018
Medium: 3D digital animation
This animation was made in Maya where I experimented with modeling and painted textures.
Storytime | The Pointless Art Class
Date: June, 2017
Medium: 2D digital animation
I made an animation about a class I had to take in high school.
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